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About Alena Lane

Alena Lane is a freelance artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.

In addition to doing regular commission artwork, Alena has illustrated a number of short comics that have appeared in assorted anthologies, as well as illustrations for tabletop RPG campaign settings and adventures. She is a pop-culture and comic book aficionado who extensively draws on superhero and supervillain mythology for inspiration in her personal illustrative work.

Alena has also worked extensively in graphic design and marketing.

Alena graduated cum laude with a degree in Studio Arts from Williams College in 2011. Her background is in traditional 2D media, the principles of which she has adapted to working digitally.

When she isn’t at her desk, Alena enjoys baking, tabletop gaming, listening to audiobooks, exploring the nearby New England coastline, and curling up in a nest of blankets with a cup of tea and a good comic book.

art & Illustration

I have been passionate about drawing for as long as I can remember, and I enjoy working in a variety of media, both digital and traditional.

graphic design

Logo design and brand identity

logo design

Graphic design for print, including brochures, cards, ads, and more

print materials

Photo editing and manipulation

photo editing

I am highly adept and experienced in Adobe Photoshop, and have strong skills in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. I've developed a wide variety of designs for digital and print media, including website designs, app graphics, images for social media profiles, brochures, postcards, flyers, business cards, greeting cards, stationery, advertisements, logos, and brand identity guides. I'm also experienced in touching up, modifying, and manipulating photographs.

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Alena Lane Web Design

Web Design &

I work with clients to create an original design from scratch, then develop that design into a complete and functional website. I am an experienced professional web designer, with development skills in:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • Wordpress
  • Mobile-specific and responsive design

And a constant drive to learn more and expand my skillset.


pencils  ·  inks  ·  colors

Comics are one of my passions; I've illustrated a number of short comics for digital and print publications. I do pencils, inks, and shading/color, or any combination thereof. Click the samples below to view each story.

What the Heart Wants

"What the Heart Wants"
written by Glenn Matchett
art by Alena Lane
lettering by ET Dollman
Outrépress June 2015,
Outré #5: Desire.


written by Sean Doolittle
art by Alena Lane
Seven Sins
issue of The Gathering,
from Grayhaven Comics

"Double Vision"
written by Natalie Zutter
art by Alena Lane
Science Fiction #2
Issue of The Gathering,
from Grayhaven Comics

Fangs of Innocence

"The Fangs of Innocence"
witten by Sean Leonard
art by Alena Lane
Tales from the Abyss #1
from Grayhaven Comics


by Christina O'Donovan
art by Alena Lane
All Women #2 issue of The Gathering
from Grayhaven Comics

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